About Us

Two years ago I was in beautiful Ballinskelligs Co Kerry and started experimenting with natural waxes, scents and colours that were inspired by what I saw all around me. The ocean, the sky and the wonders of wild nature brought 'Hermitage-Molly' candles to life.

'Bringing the Outdoors - Indoors' is our aim. By incorporating heavenly scents with pretty colours our customers can experience the wonders of nature from their own home. 

A little bit about Raquel and the 'Hermitage-Molly' story. I am a Emergency Nurse and work in a Kildare Hospital. I took up candle making by chance really. I was fed up of the usual supermarket candle range and not great quality scents.

The designer candles were too expensive for my candle habit so I began experimenting with different waxes, scents and colours. I was happy enough with what I was doing but within the last year people who saw my candles were asking to buy them. So, in November 2022 I named 'Hermitage-Molly' and posted on Instagram. I got great feedback from that and was confident enough(ish) to do a Christmas market in Kilcullen. I was using this opportunity as a sort of focus group. I wanted to know what you, the public thought of the product. It was a sell out and I was spurred on by this success to further develop the brand. Is it easy? Working full time and developing a product and a brand is tricky but hey.. if it was easy everyone would be doing it! Join me on my journey and I promise that I will deliver a superb quality product that is made with love♡

I hope you enjoy our products as much as I have making them - I  look forward to hearing your feedback. Feel free to email us at customer@hermitagemolly.ie.



Raquel at the Kicullen Christmas Fare 2022 - Testing the market and getting customer feedback